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Made in America
Made in America
Made in America

Amish Furniture - St. Petersburg

Our store has one of the largest selections of Amish furniture in the entire country. We aren't like other retailers that go through brokers and middlemen. Instead we have longstanding relationships with Amish craftsmen that allow us to pass our savings down to you. This allows us more flexibility in providing you with a multitude of styles, woods and finishes. And if what you need can't be found at our store, we can always have it custom made using the same materials and level of craftsmanship that you have come to expect from the Amish.

American Craftsmanship...   American Material...   American Greatness...

The Amish furniture that we bring you is built in the Heartland of America. These expert craftsmen use building techniques the have been honed for decades and that passed down to them and brought from the Old World. Also, most wood used in Amish furniture is harvested here in America unless it is an exotic wood such as African mahogany.

Though at first thought imported furniture seems more affordable, the truth is that it can be costly in the long run. The processes and materials used in constructing the furnishings mean that you will have to replace it often. Such furniture is made by the lowest bidder and is rushed through an assembly line overseas.

Our furniture will last you generations.

Solid Wood Construction

All of our Amish furniture is made with nothing but solid wood. What kind of wood? Well, it is ultimately up to you as we offer oak, walnut, pine, mahogany, cherry, maple and hickory. Your furniture will receive the attention to detail it deserves. All the material used in your furniture is hand selected by the very best builders who will also construct your piece.

All of our furniture is made with solid wood. We will NEVER use particle board or veneers.

Serving St. Petersburg Since 1945

We have a selection of thousands of dining room tables and sets, living room sofas and tables, bedroom sets and home office furniture. With more than 8 million dollars of inventory on hand, our 40K square foot showroom carries the largest selections of handmade furnishings outside of Amish country.

We hope you'll visit us soon!